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NATALIE LEWIS:  The Art Of Real Estate


Lumberton, North Carolina is a town that Natalie Lewis is proud to call home. It was thetown’s natural beauty, the history and future potential that attracted Natalie to stayhere. Born an Air Force brat, Natalie traveled throughout the United States and Europe. Although her parents met in France, it was her father's birthplace that would be the place she calls home, Lumberton. As an independent broker with a vision for what her business could be, she sought out ways to constantly improve. After obtaining her broker status, Natalie became licensed in both North Carolina and South Carolina to conduct business. She also has received the Graduate Realtor Institute and the Certified Residential Specialist designations with the National Association of Realtors.  Natalie also recognizes the importance of making improvements personally as well as professionally. Eight years ago, she started practicing yoga. A self described yogini, she jokes,A lot of my clients expect me to stand on my head for them, and I can! 

"I like a lot of color in my work as well as very fine detail."

“You’ve got to have vision and creativity to succeed,” says Natalie, “but you’ve also got to be real flexible to endure.” At age 13, she first showed her famous work ethic by taking a job in the tobacco fields of North Carolina. By college, Natalie was working three jobs to pay for her education while attending school. Her hard work and ability to be flexible was recognized by her peers in 2001, when she was elected the President of the Lumberton Board of Realtors.

A resourceful woman, Natalie used her college education to further her business. “I am an artist who loves working with pen and ink, colored pencils and water colors. I like a lot of color in my work as well as very fine detail.” Using her knowledge of marketing and artistic talents, Natalie designed the well known Lewis Realty logo and slogan.

Her ability to pay attention to the small details is not just in her artwork, but in her real estate practice. “In many situations, the most important element is the time invested. I recognize that time is a nonrenewable asset and is worth much more than money,” she adds with a comforting smile. “It is my job as their representative to save them time by being the one who pays attention to the finer details within the transaction.” Let Natalie help you to paint a successful sale or purchase of your home by allowing her to attend to the small details.

Lewis Realty
26 Years of Real Estate Experience
Licensed in North and South Carolina